A 20-year-old woman has launched a petition to make safety changes to the A75 road following the death of her father.

Tony Sheil, 51, died on November 24, 2023 on the A75 between Newton Stewart and Stranraer when his van collided with a lorry on his way home from work.

His daughter Samantha-Jane has now launched a petition to Transport Scotland with the aim of improving safety conditions of the road. 

The A75 has sadly been a hotspot for major road traffic incidents in recent years. 

Melissa Delaney, a nurse at Cumberland Infirmary, was one of two casualties on the A75 earlier this year.

She was involved in a three-car crash, which also saw the driver of a van pronounced dead at the scene. 

The petition, which has already received over 1,200 signatures, writes: 

"Our dad, our best friend, a loving partner died on the A75 following a collision with a HGV. This has caused so much pain and hurt for our family. We want the road improved to be made better and safer. It’s been far too long and action needs to be taken now, this road has been neglected for too long and has taken far too many precious and innocent lives of loved ones.

"My dad was only on his way home from work when he was involved in a collision. He was just three minutes away from home. He was pronounced dead at the scene. My family and I couldn’t say goodbye to him and he couldn’t say goodbye to us. We couldn’t even say goodbye to him at his funeral because of how badly burned he was. This will always hurt us dad/ Tony didn’t deserve this. No family deserves to go through this pain and hurt.

"We are asking people to sign this petition to help us bring changes to the A75. Some of these changes are speed cameras, cat's eyes, re-painting lines, filling in pot holes and making bends wider for the HGV where possible. We as a family want dad's death to bring something positive and for his memory to live on."