To commemorate Cumbria's 50th anniversary on April 1, Carlisle Writers' Group has released a new anthology.

The Outline of Memory – A Celebration of Cumbria, is a curated collection of prose, poetry and memoirs reflecting the county's rich tapestry of narratives.

The content traverses real and fictional tales of crime, cherished and troubled memoirs, and poetry that scrutinises Cumbria's people, places, and history.

The authors, many local or with connections to the region, provide perspectives spanning from earliest memories to more recent times.

A spokesperson from Carlisle Writers' Group said: "Wherever you're from, you should find something interesting here, and if you're fortunate enough to know Cumbria, you're sure to find recognition or a resonance that stirs memory and curiosity."

Published by Carlisle Writers’ Press, the book is available for purchase via Amazon, priced at £5.