A Brewhouse has marked six months since the iconic Sycamore Gap tree was felled with a commemorative lager. 

Thursday, March 28 marked six months since the tree near Crag Lough in Northumberland, which featured in the 1991 film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and won the 2016 England Tree of the Year award, was felled. 

To commemorate the popular tree, Hexham's Twice Brewed Brew House has launched Sycamore Gap lager in cans bearing a picture of the iconic tree. 

This large is the latest addition to the Brewhouse's pre-existing Sycamore Gap range that also includes Pale Ale and Gin.

Matt Brown, Head Brewer at Twice Brewed Brew House, said “The Brewery is located in the shadow of Hadrian’s Wall and close to the site of the tree and we all shared the shock felt worldwide, when the tree was felled.

"Sycamore Gap lager is a tribute to the tree and the can bears its image.

"With spring well on the way, it gave us all hope to hear that saplings were growing from the tree."