ACROPOLIS Street Food has brought authentic Greek cuisine to Carlisle with its latest pop-up in the city.

The street food company, which was established in the Northeast in 2016 and has gone on to become a staple in the region, held its second Carlisle pop-up at Everlast Gym on Currock Road on Wednesday, March 27. 

Acropolis Street Food's Carlisle pop-up was fronted by Fotis Filippopoulos who said that had been blown away by the 'warm welcome' that the pop-up has received when it made its local debut on Thursday, March 15.

News and Star: The pop-up's menuThe pop-up's menu (Image: Matthew O'Hara/NQ)He said: "We were very touched by the warm welcome we received from the Carlisle audience."

This sentiment was echoed by a spokesperson for Acropolis Street Food who revealed plans to make the pop-up a regular occurrence in Carlisle after it was initially attended by over 80 people. 

They said: "We’re always looking for more pop-ups to serve from and we’re very happy with our first pop-up in Carlisle so we’re looking to have that a regular spot."


After speaking to Fotis about the success of Acropolis Street Food's first pop-up in Carlisle, he very kindly invited me to come down to the second to see what authentic Greek street food is all about. 

News and Star: I arrived at Everlast Gym and was presented with my first dilemma. Admittedly I am not a Greek cuisine aficionado so I asked Fotis to make me the food that he believed best represented Acropolis. 

What he produced was a Chicken Gyro that saw meat, a cucumber, lettuce, and tomato salad, chips, and halloumi generously topped with the famous Acropolis sauce and paprika and wrapped in freshly grilled pitta bread that was slathered with tzatziki. 

News and Star: The 'Dirty Greek' and Chicken GyroThe 'Dirty Greek' and Chicken Gyro (Image: Matthew O'Hara/NQ)Fotis also recommended that I try the 'Dirty Greek', a platter that combined a generous portion of chicken and chips with chill sauce, tzatziki, chill sauce, and more Acropolis sauce. 

I also got some freshly fried halloumi chunks which perfectly accompanied the meal I shared with my brother. 

News and Star: The Fried Halloumi with a side of Acropolis sauceThe Fried Halloumi with a side of Acropolis sauce (Image: Matthew O'Hara/NQ)All in all, the food was delicious. The satisfaction of watching Fotis handcraft my meal was only topped by the flavorsome mouthfuls I enjoyed and I can't wait for the pop-up to return to Carlisle soon.