LANDING in the perfect time for that Good Friday chippy, a new family-run business has just opened up in Wigton. 

CJ's Chip Shop, on 17 High Street, is being run by Jason Thomason and his dad Craig Thomason - who also run the town's minibus and taxi firm, Thomason Travel. 

The chippy formerly opened on March 27, bringing plenty of locals eager for a taste through its doors. 

CJ's sells your classic chip shop fare with locally sourced produce from the local butchers, but it also features a small seating area in the back and offers specials for pensioners. 

Jason, who has previously worked as a mechanic for Thomason Travel, is keen to get stuck into the hospitality business. 

"I've always liked cooking and catering for people.

"We made quite a few sales yesterday, ran out of stuff to order back in today, so it was a good start," he said. 

An early patron of the chippy was none other than the Mayor of Wigton, Christopher Scott.

"I had the pleasure of visiting CJ's Chip Shop on their opening night and indulged in some of their delicious food. 

"Let me tell you, the battered sausage and chips I got were absolutely incredible.

"The batter was crispy and golden, the sausage was juicy and flavourful, and the chips were perfectly cooked - crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside," he said. 

Open seven days a week, 11.30 to 1.30 and 4 till 7.30, Jason added: "We're looking forward to welcoming our new customers, everybody and anybody.

"It's been nothing but good reviews so far!"

Looking ahead, the business may even be looking to offer deliveries. 

CJ's is also keen to bring on new staff to their team, anyone interested can visit Jason in the shop for a chat.