DRUM Nation, the samba drumming collective, performed at Penrith Castle transforming it into "a vibrant hub of music and dance".

The group invited its members to ‘Band Together’ to play and learn tunes, grooves and choreography in a group rehearsal before taking the performance to Castle Park, Penrith.  Led by the duo of Jenny Wroe and Paul Macfarlane, the group showcased their talents, delivering an display of music and celebration. 

News and Star: A still from the performanceA still from the performance (Image: Supplied)

Drum Nation said: "Penrith Castle transformed into a vibrant hub of music and dance, with audience members swaying to the infectious beat and cheering for more. The performance at Penrith Castle was not just a sharing, but an immersive cultural experience that left a lasting impression on all who attended."

This event was put together in preparation for the summer gigs season when the band will be performing at festivals and events including Kendal Calling, Durham Pride, Eskfest, Grizedale Rocks and many, many more.  

News and Star: Rehearsal sessions at Ullswater Community CollegeRehearsal sessions at Ullswater Community College (Image: Supplied)

Drum Nation Eden are looking for new players.  The next 6 week induction course begins on Wednesday April 17. The band practices on Wednesday evenings, 5.30pm-7.30pm at Ullswater Community College.