AN EGREMONT man subjected his partner to a drink fuelled assault on Christmas Day after he became annoyed because he had run out of tobacco.

After “losing control,” 19-year-old Jordan Ben Khelil began punching cupboards and pulling clothes from them before then smashing a TV, Carlisle Crown Court heard. He then attacked his partner, banging her head against a wall and thumping her.

Following his arrest, he was kept in custody since Christmas Day. Khelil, of South Street, Egremont, admitted causing criminal damage and an actual bodily harm assault.

Defence barrister Marion Weir told the court the defendant accepted he “snapped” during the incident at the victim's Workington home.

But he had been in custody ever since, said the barrister, adding: “That's the equivalent of a six-month sentence so there has been a significant amount of punishment already.”

Khelil’s ADHD and his unstable personality disorder had impacted on him but he had engaged with mental health services since his remand. He now had no intention to have any further contact with the victim.

Recorder Julian Shaw told Khelil: “This all arose on Christmas Day, perhaps as a result of too much drink and some difficulties in the relationship.

"You lost control and you caused damage in the property. You smashed a TV, broke a light switch, punched cupboards, causing damage to them.

“You pulled all of her clothes out of the cupboards and threw items at your partner and you were grossly offensive to her. That was bad enough.

“But you then proceeded to assault her in her own home.” Khelil had broke her phone and told her that he would end up killing her. "It was a really horrible incident, Mr Khelil,” continued the judge.

The defendant may be only 19, but there was a “worrying progression of violence” in his background, said the judge.

There were indications in the background report that “things were not quite right” and Khelil could go from “0 to 100’ in the bat of an eyelid. Khelil would have to learn to control his fists - his go-to method of resolving difficulties.

The Recorder imposed 12-months custody, suspended for two years. The sentence includes 25 rehabilitation activity days and 60 hours of unpaid work. The judge also imposed a restraining order, banning any contact with the victim for the next three years.

Recorder Shaw added: “I hope you will access the help available to you on your release. I hope you can learn to mature and grow up and avoid resorting to violence.”