A Carlisle nursery owner has released a cookbook inspired by the life of her mother and her food.

Emmy Sealey is well known across Carlisle, previously owning and operating Ravenscar Kindergarten, Stanwix and now Holme Head House, Denton Holme.

Now she’s turned her hand at becoming an author, producing a cookbook to celebrate the life and love of her mother Dolly Josephides, through many recipes from Cyprus family favourites and other sources.

The book was a passion project, originally developed to be shared with her family as a Christmas present in 2022.

News and Star: One of the recipes from the bookOne of the recipes from the book (Image: Supplied)“I wanted to make sure that Dolly’s spirit lived on in our family through her delicious food, so it can be shared for years to come,” said Emmy.

But after showing a few friends the book after Christmas, she quickly found herself having to make a second edition to meet the demand and now this publication is available to the public.

To produce the cookbook, Emmy teamed up with local design company Studio Walden, run by Vincent Walden.

“I took on this job as a passion project, as Emmy’s family have given so much to mine over the years, so I wanted to make sure to give back some of that love.”

With more than 150 handwritten recipes and accompanying watercolour illustrations, Vincent had his work cut out for him to turn these family memories into a formatted book, yet he maintains that “I’m very proud of the work, it truly feels like a family cookbook that you might find made of scraps from years of dinners, holidays and birthday treats.”

The publication features 190 pages of recipes, including everything from sweet to savoury alongside much loved family memories and photographs.

Written over a number of years and secretly illustrated to be kept as a surprise from her children, it was difficult for Emmy and her husband Roger to keep it under wraps throughout its development with many tears being shed throughout the process as they reflected on their memories of Dolly and her delicious food.

Dolly’s Kitchen Cookbook is written and distributed from Holme Head House, which Emmy and Roger operate with the Reggio Emilia Approach, an educational philosophy that puts experimentation and exploration as a primary tool for learning.

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Emmy said: “Cooking with children has always been important to us, that’s why this cookbook and the kitchen here at Holme Head House are dedicated to Dolly and through this cookbook we hope to pass this onto you and your family.”

Dolly’s Kitchen Cookbook is available to purchase in person at Holme Head House, for £24.99.