OWNERS of a Maryport cinema are hoping to vary planning conditions of a previously approved application.

The application relates to the Carlton Cinema in Senhouse Street and the applicant wants to increase capacity to 280 persons standing/180 seated.

In addition, they are asking for a rooftop plant and acoustic screen to be relocated, additional ventilation grills, the omission of two glazed doors from the events space to the courtyard, enhanced glazing specification and internal glazing to two windows.

News and Star: An artist's impression of the spaceAn artist's impression of the space (Image: Cumberland Council planning portal)

According to a planning revision statement, the proposed increase in occupancy for the main events space, from approximately 100 persons to 280 persons, necessitates adjustments to the ventilation, heating, and cooling systems.

It adds: "This increase in occupancy results in an enhanced demand for fresh air ventilation and cooling."

News and Star: An exterior plan of the cinemaAn exterior plan of the cinema (Image: Cumberland Council planning portal)

The report concludes that the changes would serve the redeveloped building and emphasize measures taken to minimize their impact on the existing site and surrounding area.

It adds: "The design accounts for site constraints, proposed building layout, adjacent site boundaries, and existing neighbouring properties."

The application is currently being considered by planning officials at Cumberland Council.