Carlisle's Pools building prepares for demolition tomorrow (March, 25), marking another change in the city's ever-evolving landscape.

The process will take about six weeks to complete to help make way for the Carlisle Station Gateway Project. 

With each demolition comes the promise of revitalisation and progress, as new projects aim to breathe new life into old spaces.

Here's a look back at some of the significant demolitions in recent years across the city: 

Sands Centre Redevelopment

News and Star: Sands Centre being demolished in 2021Sands Centre being demolished in 2021 (Image: Stuart Walker)

The transformation of The Sands Centre commenced in December 2020, heralding the demolition of part of the existing structure to pave the way for its current modernised facility.

The redeveloped centre offering state-of-the-art facilities including a 25m main pool and a 20m learner pool complete with an innovative moveable floor, at a cost of £27m, officially opened on November 16, 2022. 

However, following its completion, the building's auditorium was closed in September 2023 due to the presence of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC). 

The auditorium is set to remain closed for the majority of 2024. 

The Dias Building on Botchergate

News and Star: The Dias Building prior to demolitionThe Dias Building prior to demolition (Image: NQ)

After standing vacant for over three decades, the former musical instrument retailer on Botchergate met its demise in February 2021. 

Readers at the time commended the demolition of the building which they described as becoming a bit of an ‘eye sore’.

The Print Hall at the rear of Newspaper House

At the end of 2021, the iconic skyline building was knocked down. 

Known for housing the printing press and dispatch areas until 2018, the building has signified Carlisle's journalistic history for ages.

The printing of publications was moved to Newsquest’s print centre in Cambuslang, Glasgow, whilst the News & Star offices were moved to their current Dalston Road site in Carlisle.

Paton House on Victoria Viaduct

Built in 1937, the art-deco style building was "gradually falling into a state of disrepair" when it was approved for demolition by city council planning officers in February, 2021. 


Central Plaza

News and Star: End of an era as Central Plaza demolition is completed in 2020End of an era as Central Plaza demolition is completed in 2020 (Image: Stuart Walker)

The Central Plaza Hotel, a prestigious Carlisle structure that fell into disrepair in 2011, was toppled completely in 2020.

The once vibrant structure on Victoria Viaduct had turned into a beacon for vandals and urban explorers, and got so unsafe over time that demolition was declared the only feasible solution.

With the completed demolition, the spot is set for a promising future as Cumberland Council selected a ‘preferred developer’ for the infamous 'Citadel View' site.

The developer's identity, however, remains undisclosed.


News and Star: Staples demolition in December 2023Staples demolition in December 2023 (Image: Cumberland Council)

In a similar vein as the upcoming Pools demolition, Carlisle's Staples building was cleared at the end of last year to make way for Carlisle' Station Gateway project. 

The demolition of the Staples store is said to facilitate the creation of a new car park for the station, paving the way for its expansion.

Former Mitchell Dryers Ltd in Denton Holme

News and Star: Plans to demolish site put forward in October last yearPlans to demolish site put forward in October last year (Image: Google Maps)

Plans have been put forward for the potential demolition of the former Mitchell Dryers Ltd site in Denton Holme, signaling a shift towards residential and commercial development in the area.

The firm makes and supplies industrial dryers for the food, chemical, mineral and pharmaceutical industries, and has a history dating back to 1859.

The proposed demolition has been put forward to Cumberland Council by McKnight and Son Builders on October 23, 2023.