Meet the Cumbrian dog trainer and behaviourist who travels all over the UK to help owners save their beloved pets from being put down.

John Edmondson, from Shap, provides one to one sessions with dogs who are presenting concerning behaviour issues.

After over 30 years working with dogs, he is experienced in helping treat aggression and socialisation, as well as rehabilitation for nervous dogs and those with anxiety.

Taming Tails was born around eight years ago and has since gone from ‘strength to strength’, taking John all over the country.

John was introduced to behaviour work when he adopted his first rescue dog. The dog would fight anyone bigger than himself, so John took him to a session with a behaviourist. In a hall full of unfamiliar dogs, John was told to let his rescue off lead, despite reservations. The rescue immediately headed for the biggest dog in the room, a Rottweiler. After regaining control, John was banned from attending anymore classes and told to put his dog down. At seven years old, the behaviourist said he was “too far gone.”

Not wanting to accept this, John went off to conduct his own research, and slowly learned how to work with and help his dog.

Successfully training his own dog, led John to start helping friends and family with their training issues.

He was then head hunted by a rescue centre and offered a job working towards getting dogs ready and safe for rehoming. John worked with rescue dogs for ten years before leaving to set up his own business.

John said: “Behaviour issues are often linked to lifestyle. A lot of the time, you find that dogs are reacting to something going on at home. Somethings an owner won’t pick up on, can really affect a dog.”

Sometimes treating an issue means addressing a dog's confusion surrounding their standing at home and their position in the family dynamic.

Dogs need to be taught who is in charge, so it can also be important to work on an owner’s confidence.

John said: “It’s not a job, more of a passion, I love it, it’s great waking up and going to work. It’s nice to make a difference.

“I go where I’m needed, it can be a dog’s last hope, especially as some trainers will refuse to see aggressive dogs and then they will be put down.

“Provided you take the time, I generally find that training works out fantastic.” John said between 70% to 80% of dogs can be saved

Using techniques and tactics that change to suit the individual, John believes in ‘catering to the problem’ and is available to call seven days a week, so clients can get in touch with their concerns and questions without having to wait.

If you want help with your pet, you can contact John at Taming Tails on Facebook or call: 07540 344611