A DRUG-DRIVER who was more than four times the cocaine limit told magistrates he had been 'daft'.

Police stopped a Ford Kuga being driven by Tony Bowman, 33, on Trumpet Road in Cleator Moor at 3.30am on October 6, Workington Magistrates’ Court heard.

Pamela Fee, prosecuting, said the stop was made due to the time of night. The driver identified himself and he appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

A drugs wipe gave a positive indication for cocaine. A blood sample showed Bowman had 47mcg of cocaine per litre of blood. The specified limit is 10mcg.

Bowman, of Robert Owen Avenue, Cleator Moor, pleaded guilty to driving a motor vehicle with a proportion of a specified controlled drug above the specified limit.

The defendant, who was not legally represented, said: “Sorry. I’ve just been daft.

“I was going through a bit of a bad time. I have stopped everything now.”

When asked how a driving ban would affect him, he replied: “It’s going to affect me with work and getting my children about but I’ve just got to take it on the chin.”

Magistrates banned Bowman from driving for 12 months. He was fined £252 and ordered to pay £85 costs and a £111 victim surcharge.