WITH Easter now over, we're beginning to enter the start of British summertime. 

The clocks have now gone forward which means brighter days are ahead for us. 

It seems like there is absolutely nothing to dislike about spring and summertime.

The sun shines brighter, drinks get colder, flowers are in bloom, and everyone just seems that little bit happier.

There are all kinds of ways that you can enjoy the summer, including going to the beach, having a drink in the beer garden, or just having an all-round great time with your friends.

One sweet treat has been a staple of summertime in England for generations...ice cream.

Who doesn't like tucking into an ice-cold treat on a scorching hot day? We hope that one or two of your favourites have made the list.


This West Cumbrian icon is known all across the region for its range of delightful ice creams. 

With a store in Egremont and St Bees, their ice cream is popular with both locals and visitors alike. 

St Bees Beach itself provides an excellent backdrop for a startling summer's day. 


Located in Allonby, this store has a whole host of flavours for you to enjoy. 

It is located right on the seafront overlooking the Solway Coast.  

The Ice Cream Factory 

This Silloth ice cream store has everything that you could desire. 

From ice creams to sweets, to so much more, there are so many things to choose from. 

Mawson's Ice Cream Parlour 

Mawson's is a popular ice cream vendor in the coastal town of Seascale. 

Mawson's also makes their milk and other dairy items. 

Luchini's Ice Cream and Gelato Shop 

Luchini's is one of the most iconic shops in Keswick and is frequented by tourists who visit the Lake District town throughout the summer. 

They also have their vans that travel throughout the lakes during the summer months.