The council has released updates on the next phase of a £27 million community project.

The Carlisle Station Gateway project has scheduled the demolition of The Pools building starting March 25, according to the Cumberland Council.

The process will take about six weeks to complete, weather conditions permitting.

James Street remains open for traffic, while some pavements adjacent to The Pools will be closed for the entire duration of the project due to safety concerns.

Before the start of the demolition, the council has fenced off the area as safety precautions.

News and Star: James Street remains open for traffic, while some pavements adjacent to The Pools will be closed

It said the demolition is a key next step in the delivery of the project and will open the area of the rear of the station, making way for a new public square and public car park.

The council said that The Pools demolition will not affect the nearby Turkish Baths.

The Friends of the Turkish Baths is collaborating with the council to ensure positive outcomes for the building.

The Carlisle Station Gateway is a strategic regeneration project included in the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal.

The project, a collaboration of the council with Network Rail, has received more than £27 million for the development.

The programme comprises several key elements which include partial pedestrianisation of Court Square and improved pedestrian connections to and from the station, enhanced overall station appearance, improved access, and relocation of car parks to ease vehicular traffic.

The council said Carlisle has benefited from more than £80 million in funding to enable city projects with the goal of unlocking its potential while attracting and retaining more residents and visitors in the city centre.

These projects include developments at the Carlisle Station, the University of Cumbria's Citadels Campus, Devonshire Street, and English Street plans, among others.