THREE holiday pods could be built in the Brampton area if the plans are approved by Cumberland Council.

The planning application is for a site at High Rigg in Faugh and it is proposed that they would have timber walls.

In addition, the roof would be made from timber shingles and the window and door frames would also be timber.

The site’s existing use is described as a domestic garden and, if approved, there would be three parking spaces.

According to a supporting statement High Rigg is a substantial detached dwelling in a rural area within spacious grounds which includes quite dense copses of trees and large shrubs with a small lake.

The report states: "The accommodation to be offered as short-term holiday lets comprises three pods. Each of the pods will have its own designated parking space.

"These proposed holiday pods are to compliment five existing shepherds holiday huts on the site.

"The pods are of timber construction, as are the existing shepherds huts, which will be located within the existing landscape features so as to be unobtrusive in the landscape.

"The existing shepherds huts on the site have identified a demand for such accommodation in the area which benefits rural tourism and local businesses."

The application is being considered by planning officers at the council.