A band in Carlisle has released its debut album after many years of playing together.

Someone Else’s Radio, a three-piece rock band, has released Buzz Music on Plank Records, an album aimed to get people moving.

The band, which eschews photos of itself, consists of Dave on bass, Tef on drums, and Dan on guitar and vocals.

“The guitarist and I have been playing for quite some time, and played in a band called Man Hat,” Dave explained.

They spent time in Yorkshire and played in some venues there, but the exiles are coming back to Cumbria, and marking their return with this.

The album is their first studio album since forming.

News and Star: Buzz Music album coverBuzz Music album cover (Image: Plank Records)

“In those days (prior to now), we weren’t bothered about recording, it’s a departure for us, and we’ve not thought about what we’ve got to show for our time playing together, so we got together with a new drummer and have now come back to Cumbria.”

Their original drummer, also named Dave, died many years ago, a departure that left the band searching for a new performer and in the process, finding a newer sound.

“It’s come as we’ve grown together, and Dan and me playing as a duo after Dave passed away, we’ve worked with other drummers.

“We wanted something with a punch to it, not so heavily distorted like heavy metal, but hard.”

The album’s title is supposed to be self-explanatory.

“It’s the feeling we get when we’re playing.

“We created it with a mind for an audience, to get people moving.

“The drummer while playing on the album came up with the title; it gives us a buzz to play and hopefully when we play to audiences in the summer, people will get the energy,” Dave explained.”

The album is available to buy and stream via Bandcamp and Audiomack.