CUMBERLAND council will start work to repair a fire damaged building in Maryport this week- after the building owners failed to comply with a court order instructing them to undertake the works.

The work on the Bakehouse on Senhouse Street will be undertaken by Cumberland Council after the property owners failed to comply with a Court Order instructing them to do the works.

Following the fire and the damage to the building last February, the owners and council worked with the emergency services to make the building safe. Additional works were then the responsibility of the property owners.

As no action was taken, a Court Order has been obtained by the council which sets out the requirements and timeframes for works to be completed.

The owners have failed to comply with the terms of the Court Order.

They have been notified that works will be carried out by the council in default and the costs for carrying out the works will be sought from the owners.

A Cumberland Council spokesperson said: “We’ve stepped in to do the works as no action was taken by the property owners.

“We’ve appointed a local contractor and work will get underway soon.

“The works will link in with the current road closure for the ongoing Senhouse Street works with an additional week extension to ensure the building works are completed.”

Stobbarts has been appointed by the council to undertake the works.

The works are likely to take two weeks and will make the structure safe including the removal of debris from the previous collapses of the building as a result of the fire damage.

Work is ongoing on the Senhouse Street public realm improvement works.

United Utilities has also been undertaking some works to coincide with the road closure and to prevent any further disruption.

A spokesman for Cumberland Council added: “United Utilities informed us after the public realm work on Senhouse Street began that they needed to run a new water pipe to the former English’s Café building.

"We asked them to bring their schedule forward while our contractors were on site, firstly so our experts could work with them to ensure the cobbles were replaced perfectly, and secondly so that there would not be any disruption to the road once it reopens this month.

“The council’s Maryport regeneration team has worked hard to ensure the necessary UU works happened as quickly and efficiently as possible and we look forward to seeing another new business open on the high street. That’s the aim of the public realm project and all the other investment happening here - to enhance and invigorate Maryport town centre.”