A 'one-of-a-kind' adult shop has opened in Workington, with people travelling from as far as Glasgow to support the new business.

Jackie Gillbe, 63, has opened Her 4 Her, an adult store, on Wilson Street, after moving from Carlisle.

She previously owned a store on Finkle Street in Carlisle called Silver Pennies which originally carried out custom engraving on things like trophies and jewellery, as well as t-shirt printing, before she moved to Workington to open Her 4 Her.

News and Star: Jackie at the shop counterJackie at the shop counter (Image: NQ staff)

The shop sells a wide range of sex toys as well as creating bespoke collars, handcuffs and harnesses for customers which include personalisation, with Jackie saying some of the wordings people request can be ‘shocking’ even to her.

Talking about the the shop's reception, Jackie said: “We get a lot of people coming in and having a nose... 'Oh, can I just have a look around?' And then they go out saying 'That’s a bit rude, we can’t have that'.

"Which obviously gives negative results, but most of it is positive.”

News and Star: People are travelling from near and far to visit the store.People are travelling from near and far to visit the store. (Image: NQ staff)

Despite this mixed reception, Jackie and her husband said they have enjoyed their first few weeks in the shop and have built up a great group of friends in the town, including going to a ‘Munch’ club in Workington Wetherspoons, where people interested in the ‘adult’ come together, with plans to start going on picnics in the summer months.

Jackie thanked everybody who has supported the business, saying it has taken off much more than she expected, with people travelling from as far as Scotland, in particularly Glasgow, as well as Manchester, Carlisle, Penrith and Whitehaven.

So far, the best sellers are said to have been some of the vibrator ranges for women, and 'penis enlargement devices' for men.

News and Star: A look at the stock on offer in the shop.A look at the stock on offer in the shop. (Image: NQ staff)

When asked about the best part of owning the store, she said: “Honestly, the reaction of the public.

"They come in saying ‘Oh, it’s a friend needs it’, and then they all just relax and start opening up, saying what they really want it for.

“We just want to enjoy this, basically, and meet new people who are enjoying it with us. We are one-of-a-kind, the only people here.

"There are people that don’t want it, but the majority are like, 'Great, I’m glad you’re here, it saves us a trip to Carlisle'.”

There are plans in the future to put the adult shop part of the business at the back of the building and open up the front of the store as Silver Pennies, providing trophies, medals and wedding gifts or favours, as well as engraving services.