The Solway Aviation Museum's quest to acquire a historic Blackburn Beverley XB259 aircraft is edging closer to its target. 

Dougie Kerr, the museum's chairman, confirms that efforts to raise the needed £60,000 have almost reached the £40,000 mark.

The museum aims to dismantle and transport the aircraft from Fort Paull, Hull to Carlisle Airport, where it will join the museum's extensive collection of heritage aircraft, which includes the Avro Vulcan XJ823.

The Blackburn Beverley XB259 is the last of the original 49 ever built.

Estimates to move the plane currently stand at around £51,000. 

"We are asking if there are any businesses out there that could donate a little.

 "There is still money coming in, people have pledged to donate each payday which I think it is fantastic of them to do that," Dougie said. 

The Blackburn Beverley, which entered service in 1955, was the RAF's largest plane, designed to carry hefty loads and operate from rough runways or unpaved airstrips.

Prior to the museum's intervention, there was a threat that a buyer might not be found, which could have seen the aircraft dismantled for scrap.

To donate, you can visit the Solway Aviation Museum's JustGiving page here.

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