Trudy Harrison MP has put her support behind Keswick Rugby Football Club's nearly £2 million rebuild project.

On Friday, March 1, the Copeland MP visited the Davidson Park Clubhouse to meet the team responsible for the project and examine the architectural plans.

The MP revealed she was "impressed and excited" about the proposals, and praised the team on their fundraising efforts to date and their involvement with the Keswick community.



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Mrs Harrison congratulated the team on receiving full planning approval from the Lake District National Park Authority in January.

The club's president, Tim Green, set up the visit, following the MP's commitment to back the club's application for a £300,000 grant - one of their many fundraising attempts.

The main goal of the rebuild is to combat two primary issues: persistent flooding risk and outdated facilities unsuitable for the current diversity and volume of players.

Since being built in 1958, the clubhouse has fallen foul of significant and recurrent flooding, with incidents in 1985, 2005, 2009, and 2015.

Following the 2015 flood, insurance has not been available.

Despite alterations over time, the building is no longer suitable for the club's current membership, which includes 18 teams across different age groups and genders, counting at over 650 members, a majority being women and junior players.

After hearing about the financing plans for the new clubhouse, which has a total building cost of £1.91 million, with £1.45 million already raised by the club, Mrs Harrison voiced her support of the development.

Mr Green said: "It was an enormous source of pride for us to host Trudy at our club.

"I was particularly delighted that Trudy was so engaged with what we are endeavouring to achieve and also how positive she was about the work undertaken so far."

Club captain and BIG BUILD project lead Carrick Wharmby said: "Given that this is the biggest development in Keswick rugby clubs history, it was a welcome and very much appreciated visit from Trudy Harrison.

"It was great to learn we have the support of someone who has dedicated so much time to the future of our county."