THE Sycamore Gap Tree is set to go on public display.

After the tree was illegally felled last year, Northumberland National Park has received thousands of messages from people across the world expressing their sadness.

The largest part of the felled tree will go on display at a tourist attraction called The Sill. 

The authority has said it will consider plans to preserve the tree's legacy. The stump will be left alone in hopes that it will grow and the area where the tree once stood will be turned into a place of reflection. 

There are also plans for turning parts of the Sycamore Gap Tree into art installations. 

The tree, which was once an iconic sight on the Hadrian's Wall route, was cut down last year in what was described as a "deliberate act of vandalism".

A fence has now been placed around the stump of the tree so it can be seen but left undisturbed.