CAMPAIGNERS are set to protest outside Carlisle Civic Centre over proposed plans to bring a gasification plant north of Carlisle. 

It follows on the back of over 100 people turning out in Rockcliffe voicing concern after plans were put forward for 'embedded waste fuel gasification and combined heat and power (CHP) generation facility' by North West Recycling. 

The proposed site at units on Kingmoor Park Rockcliffe Estate will heat waste to break it down into a gas named syngas if approved, which can be used for electricity generation or refined into other chemicals and fuel.

Since its inception, the plans have faced criticisms from groups on an environmental stance as well as 'transparency' concerns within the application process. 

Campaigners are alleging 'hidden agreements' after a Freedom of Information request revealed plans for a new waste pelleting facility as part of the project—triggering concerns about undisclosed information.

David Mudge, spokesperson for CRAIN, said: "The council has known about plans for a new waste pelleting facility that is linked with the plans for a gasification waste incinerator, but it kept information about that pelleting facility hidden from local residents.

"What else is in this redacted briefing note that the Council is keeping from residents?"

Cumberland Council is unable to comment on the proposal, with it being a live application. 

Local people and campaign groups will be protesting outside Carlisle Civic Centre at noon on March 6, to coincide with the next Cumberland Council meeting.