AN aspiring filmmaker from Carlisle is looking to raise enough funds to complete a film project which will share his experiences of being transgender. 

Asa Pegler is aiming to raise £1,000 to aid his final major project, which could prove vital in him getting into university. 

His short film, It Gets Better, will delve into his 'own journey of self-discovery, oriented around the process of reconciling with his younger self'. 

Money raised through his GoFundMe page will go towards hiring professional actors, travel, costumes and make-up.

Speaking to the News & Star, Asa said: "I went through a lot as a trans teen in Cumbria and there was a point where I didn't think I'd live to the age of 20. I thought I'd never get my GCSEs, go to uni, have friends and educators who love, care and support me. 

"This film is to show young trans people that they should carry on living so they can live out their happy endings, to see that the right people will love and support them and that they can get what they deserve, it's going to be tough along the way for sure but that's ok because you will get through it and you are strong enough to."

Ken Loach and Christopher Nolan are two directors who Asa looks up to, but he also has a great respect for his tutors at college, who have taught him the patience and passion required to make it in the film industry. 

He also suggests that queer and trans-orientated films need to have more happy endings.

He said: "Trans people deserve happy endings just like anyone else and it's crucial for younger trans people to have media showing them it's not all doom and gloom."

The 20-year-old concluded: "It's only the beginning of my film career. I'm sure in the following years you'll see some of my ideas on screen, that's the hope anyways! I don't want to seem big headed, but I also have big dreams and I don't want to hide them anymore."

You can donate to Asa's fundraiser here.