An artisan bakery is teaming up with local businesses to bring more sweet treats and gourmet bites to Carlisle.

Dough-Luxe, which is located in Scotch Street's Market Hall, is owned by chef Andy King and has enjoyed a wave of success and backing from the community since opening in December 2023.  

Following this success, Andy has begun working with a number of Carlisle businesses to spread his love for food, with one of these being the Lanes Shopping Centre's Rex Boba.

He said: "The Rex Boba guys were one of the first businesses to give me a shout-out when I started so I thought I would see if they wanted anything of mine.

"They took some just this past Saturday and they have ordered some more for this Saturday so it is going well.

"Between the customers and the Rex Boba guys, they have come and bought some bits, even before I was supplying them but everybody seems happy with what I am doing.

"I think it's a nice change for Carlisle, something a bit different."

Dough-Luxe is also set to team up with new Carlisle sweet treats cafe the Buttered Cat which is being opened by local businessman Andrew Davenport on Tuesday, March 5.

He said: "I had the Buttered Cat planned since December and it is sort of a win-win for us both really, he is a really good guy and there will probably be some kinks to work out as I am a new business owner and he is new to hospitality but overall we should work well together.

"I am kind of relieved, it is scary starting something up on your own but people seem to like what I am doing and hopefully, I can continue to grow.

"The dream I guess would be to move into a bigger unit where people can come and enjoy everything I make."