THREE cousins who were stood up when they travelled from Glasgow to Carlisle to sell a car went on a shoplifting expedition instead, stealing electrical goods worth £750.

At Carlisle’s Rickergate court, the three men – Anton Rostas, 31, Victor Rostas, 28, Manuel Rostas, 25 – all admitted stealing from the B&M store in the city's Wigton Road.

Prosecutor George Shelley summarised the facts.

At 1pm on on February 8, the cousins walked into the store, each wearing a rucksack. Having collected baskets, Anton and Manuel Rostas went to the electrical goods aisle and filled their baskets with items, including earphones and chargers.

They then transferred the goods into their rucksacks. A short time later, Victor Rostas did the same thing.

He was the first of the trio to walk out of the store, making no attempt to pay. His cousins followed him a few minutes later, also not paying. Staff challenged the trio and the police were called.

The total value of the stolen goods - which were all recovered - was £753. Duncan Campbell, defending, said the men wished to apologise for their actions.

“It’s not the sort of activity they normal get involved in,” he said, pointing out that the cousins usually bought and sold cars.

He said the small number of previous convictions – none in the case of Manuel Rostas - proved this.

“The three of them came to Carlisle to sell a motor vehicle but the person interested in purchasing it didn’t turn up. They then went to the store to have a look around and decided to take some items.

“It’s good that thieving is not their profession as they made a pretty ham-fisted attempt at it and were caught straight away.”

Magistrates fined each man £140, with a £156 surcharge and £85 costs.

Victor Rostas gave his address as Paisley Road, Glasgow; Manuel Rostas lives at Calder Street, Glasgow, and Anton’s address was Pollokshaws Road, Glasgow.