A popular Carlisle fish and chips shop has asked locals to suggest a new item for its menu.

The Town Fryer on Scotch Street took to social media to ask its loyal customer base what they would want to put on the menu with the promise that the winner will have their choice added and receive a free meal on the chippy.

The fish and chip shop's owner Dan Martos, who took over The Town Fryer in May 2022 explained how he is trying to engage more with the community to improve the offerings at the restaurant and takeaway.

He said: "I bought it two years ago in May and it was The Fryery which obviously has a really good name locally but it did not have any social media presence.

"The first thing I did was try and push the social media and with posts like that you are pushing engagement and although it is a traditional fish and chip shop I try to get some different stuff on the menu.

"You know what people are like these days, they like different things all the time and I have added a few different things to the menu but I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone comes up with a decent idea."

Since posing the question to the community The Town Fryer has been inundated by suggestions including deep-fried mars bars, mozzarella sticks, and battered chips.

However, in the midst of this, Dan explained how his business is currently faring. 

He said: "It was a bit hard in the middle of last year and is getting a bit hard now with the prices going up and you know what it is like.

"In the first few months after Christmas, everyone is trying to lose weight, and save money and none of these things are good for a chip shop."