THE Government have pledged to invest over £250,000,000 across Cumbria in order to improve transport links.

Nearly £1.5 billion of reallocated HS2 funding is to be invested directly into the North West through a Local Transport Fund to improve connections.

The investment comes alongside £8.3 billion pledged to resurface roads across the country, £1 billion to improve bus services in the North and Midlands, and £200 million to extend the £2 bus fare cap across England.

The government say the investment will result in better public transport, reduced congestion and upgraded bus and train stations.

In total, £277,656,000 will be made available to local authorities in Cumbria from April 2025.

The funds are to build new roads and improve junctions, install or expand mass transit systems, improve roads by filling potholes, improve journey times for car and bus users by tackling congestion, increase the number of EV chargepoints, refurbish bus and rail stations and improve streets so they are safer.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “We have a clear plan to level up our country with greater transport links that people need and deliver the right long-term change for a brighter future.

“The Local Transport Fund will deliver a new era of transport connectivity. This unprecedented investment will benefit more people, in more places, more quickly than HS2 would have done, and comes alongside the billions of pounds of funding we’ve already invested into our roads, buses and local transport services across the country.”

Councils will work with local MPs, who will be held accountable by the government and their communities to make sure the money is spent promptly and effectively.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: “Today’s £1.48 billion investment is truly game-changing for the smaller cities, towns, and rural communities across the North West.

“This new funding boost will make a real difference to millions of people, empowering local authorities to drive economic growth, transform communities, and improve the daily transport connections that people rely on for years to come.”

The funds will give local authorities long term certainty to invest in ambitious transport improvements through to 2032.

Lord Patrick McLoughlin, Chair of Transport for the North, said: “We welcome this funding for our local transport areas as a sign of progress towards transforming the north to a more inclusive, sustainable and better-connected region.”