A new restaurant offering piri-piri chicken in the Lake District will be opening later this year.

Called Piri Fresco, it is aiming to open on Main Street in Keswick by either the end of March or the start of April.

Shenuar Hussain will run the restaurant and his brother Shepiar Hussein will be the head chef.

Shenuar said that their signature dish will be piri-piri chicken, like Nando’s but better, but other Portuguese cuisine will feature, including fish and steak dishes.

Speaking to The Keswick Reminder, he said it’s been a long process to get the place together, and the premises was listed during lockdown, bought by someone, and taken over last year.

With some ‘setbacks’, but construction workers due to complete their work soon, they aim to open in a month-or-so, but in the meantime ‘it looks really good’.

Three chefs in total will be hired, and during busy tourist seasons, may hire 15 people.