CUMBRIA's Coast-to-Coast signs are being updated for simplification purposes. 

Now, the whole path will be signed as National Cycle Route 7. 

Originally, the Sea to Sea route, also referred to as C2C, had different numbers for its eastern and western parts.

The pathway runs 137 miles from Whitehaven to Sunderland, passing through the northern Lake District before climbing the Pennines.

The Eastern segment of the route was signed as Route 7 on the National Cycle Network.

In contrast, the Western part, stretching from Penrith to Whitehaven, was marked as Route 71.  

News and Star: Sustrans team in the North have installed 80 new signs along the C2CSustrans team in the North have installed 80 new signs along the C2C (Image: Charlotte Murray)

To achieve uniform signage, Sustrans and volunteers have been replacing signs on the Western section with Route 7 signs.

This action is currently ongoing and is being carried out in conjunction with Cumberland Council, Westmorland and Furness Council, and the Lake District National Park Authority.

The more challenging cross-country route, suitable only for mountain bikes, will get a new name - 'Off-Road C2C'. 

Dave Shuttle, Sustrans' network development officer, said: "We’re changing signs on the Sea to Sea to help make the route numbering clearer and more consistent for everyone using it.

"The whole route from Sunderland to Whitehaven will now be labelled as Route 7.

“We’re working across Britain to help create a National Cycle Network that feels safe, consistent and accessible for everyone to enjoy.

"That means making better wayfinding, and signs which help people make informed choices about their journeys.

“Some routes are more suitable for more experienced riders, or hikers due to the terrain or difficulty level, and no longer fit the criteria for the National Cycle Network.

"These off-road paths will continue to be managed by the Lake District National Park Authority, and can be more effectively promoted under their brand.”

Emma Moody, the Lake District National Park Authority’s lead strategy adviser on Sustainable Transport, said:

“We are very happy to work in partnership with Sustrans to help make it easier for more people of many abilities to use the National Cycle Network and know that there is a consistent standard of route with clear signage wherever you are visiting."