A MARYPORT police officer carried out a rather unique good deed this week, after noticing a sheep 'kessing' in a farmers field whilst out on patrol.

Maryport Beat Officer PC Lowerson noticed a 'very lonely' sheep in a farmers field, which was believed to be kessing.

The officer managed to turn the sheep over and inform the farmer, after noticing it had started to be attacked by crows.

A spokesman for Allerdale police said: "Whilst out and about this week our Maryport Beat Officer PC Lowerson spotted a very lonely sheep which to many of the public looked like it was having a sleep.

"PC Lowerson's knowledge of farming immediately knew this sheep could be "Kessing".

"After a trek across the field the sheep was in fact Kessing and had already been attacked by the crows due to not being able to get up.

"Quickly turned back over and back on her feet she was away with only slight injuries. Farmer informed and very grateful."