A PUBGOER who was asked to leave ‘couldn’t remember’ shoving a landlord and smashing a glass door panel because he had drunk seven cans of Carling.

Brad Jenkin, 27, attempted to enter the Fletcher Christian pub in Cockermouth on the evening of December 24. He had previously been banned from the pub, Workington Magistrates’ Court heard.

Prosecutor Pamela Fee said the defendant returned 30 minutes later, walked over to the bar and asked to be served. Jenkin was told the pub had stopped serving and was asked to leave because he knew he was banned.

Daniel Pollard, the pub landlord, said Jenkin had marched towards him and barged into him. Mr Pollard had pushed the defendant away from himself to get him out of the door.

Jenkin said ‘who the f*** are you pushing?’. He then grabbed the door handle, pulled it off and threw it towards a glass door panel, causing it to smash.

The defendant was interviewed by police and said he had been at his mother’s house, looking after her dog and had consumed seven cans of Carling. He said he couldn’t remember the incident.

Jenkin, of Station Road, Cockermouth, pleaded guilty to assault by beating and criminal damage under £5,000.  

John Cooper, defending, said: “He can’t remember going out. He has gone to the pub. He said he was in there at an earlier date. He was beaten up. He was told he was barred for that. He was aggrieved by that.

“It’s a shove. There was no injury. Stupidly, he has taken out a window. He went back after and tried to make amends. He was told to go away.

“It’s some time since he was in trouble.”

Magistrates fined Jenkin £120 and ordered him to pay £200 in compensation for the damage caused. He must also pay £85 costs and a £48 victim surcharge.