A wedding show in Carlisle welcomed 60 exhibitors and 700 visitors during what was the organisers’ biggest event yet.

Cumbria’s Premier Wedding Show happened on Sunday, February 19, at Carlisle Airport, and was organised by Carol’s Bridal Boutique and CA Events.

Carol Waggott, of Carol’s Bridal Boutique, said the event was a huge success, and was the first time it was held at the airport after being held in the racecourse before.

“It was really overwhelming, we were flooded on social media with comments, no negative responses, it was great for the airport as well.”

The organisers plan to hold the event at the airport again next year around the end of February, and once a date is confirmed begin booking exhibitors, and potentially run it for two days instead of one after the large turnout this year.

The show came about after Covid, as Ms Waggott explained: “Each business got badly hurt, se we got together to put on a show.

“We kept it going since then, and it was the biggest show that Cumbria had ever seen.”

Carol Milnes, of CA Events, commented on the event: “We decided four years ago to never put the prices up; it’s not about the money,” she explained, adding that the purpose of the event is to bring businesses together.

Ms Milnes also said a key for them is to invest locally and use local businesses to help put on the event, from the tables to the lighting and more.

“Alison Fawkes (an independent cake seller) took bookings for five cakes on the day; if you get one it covers the cost of the stand.

“It was just a great achievement, and we got £6,500 worth of raffle prizes to give away; the brides don’t just get a goodie bag and a prosecco on entry, they get a raffle entry as well,” she said.

Of the many raffle prizes were a wedding dress from Carol’s Bridal Boutique worth £1500; £300 to spend on suits from Goodfellows Menswear and; a one-night stay at The Duke of Portland Boathouse in Ullswater from Cumbria Cottage Holidays.

Overall, the event showcased the work of various members of the Cumbrian wedding industry, and with this year’s being the best one yet, it’s a marked achievement of what happens when businesses get together to work on something meaningful.