Carlisle’s Labour candidate for the next general election has called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza after a party sect begins lobbying its MPs.

Left-wing Labour activists are adding more pressure on the party to back an immediate ceasefire in Gaza ahead of a vote in Parliament.

Momentum is going to launch a ‘lobbying blitz’ to its MPs in hopes they will support an SNP motion on the issue.

No word either way has come forward from Labour leader Keir Starmer’s office yet, but he has not ruled out backing the motion.

It comes after party leadership experienced an impactful rebellion in November 2023 when in a similar vote, also tabled by the SNP, eight shadow ministers went against the party line by supporting an immediate ceasefire in the Palestinian territory.

It is not expected by sources familiar with the matter privately that there will be another forthcoming move due to toughening rhetoric within the party among those who condemn the actions of Israel.

Ahead of today’s vote (February 21), Momentum supporters are being encouraged to email Labour MPs urging them to back the motion.

Julie Minns, Carlisle’s Labour candidate, spoke on the issue, saying that she supports an ‘immediate humanitarian ceasefire’, adding: “Israel must not go ahead with the Rafah offensive, and Hamas must ensure the safe and immediate release of the Israeli hostages.”

News and Star: Julie MinnsJulie Minns (Image: Supplied)

This most recent motion comes after plans from Israel to launch an offensive in the southern Gaza region of Rafah, which has been condemned by many across the world in senior political offices on humanitarian grounds, arguing that it goes beyond what is reasonable to suppress Hamas which carried out an attack on Israel in October last year, taking with them hostages and killing many people.

What has transpired since has been a huge offensive on the small territory, which has seen thousands of children and innocents killed and has led to calls for condemnation of the state of Israel, accusations of genocide against Palestinians, and violations of international law by senior legal and political figures.

Israel says the attack must be carried out to stop Hamas completely and to ensure the safe return of Israeli hostages.