A VETERAN of the radio industry who helped co-launch CFM Radio 31 years ago is returning to the studio. 

Darrell Thomas has been brought out of radio retirement to be the managing director of Carlisle's newest radio station, CRFM. 

With an illustrious career in radio both in the UK and abroad, Darrell said he was brought back into the world of broadcasting on the poignant anniversary of his late friend whom he launched CFM with, John Myers. 

Marking a heartfelt touch to the endeavour, the studio is aptly named after John Myers.

"John was strict and firm but he also liked to laugh. He epitomised that radio had to be fun.

"You only had to listen to him on air and you can tell he always wanted to have a laugh," Darrell said. 

The station aims to serve as a hub for Carlisle residents from all backgrounds. 

"The doors will be open for everybody," Darrell said.

"If you're a singer or a band, we will give you an opportunity. 

"It takes me back to Lee Brennan from 911 sending me his tape.

"If we can find talent like Lee Brennan again or the next Fiona Armstrong, Helen Skelton, that's our goal now - not making money, developing and bringing people forward." 

Bolstered by the prospects, CRFM aspires to expand its services in the future. 

"We'd like to see if we can expand into West Cumbria. West Cumbria no longer has a local or community radio station, we'd love to cover there.

"We'd like to get CRFM on DAB, that's another ambition and after that, I'm going retire," Darrell said.