Their distinctive songs provided an upbeat and very Cumbrian soundtrack to Carlisle United's promotion last year.

And now Carlisle band The Watterwucks have turned their tuneful attentions to the Blues' struggles in League One.

Their latest number, 'Sometimes it's hard to be a Blue', laments United's floundering third-tier form.

In trademark Carlisle lingo, the tongue-in-cheek song refers to the hallmarks of a period of struggle at Brunton Park, such as a downbeat crowd on the Paddock terrace, and the need to drown sorrows - among other things - "down Botch".

The song begins with the lyrics: "When the goals aren't gannen in / And I think I'm gonna boo / When we deeks like gannen down / Sometimes it's hard to be a Blue."

The band revealed the song on social media in the wake of Saturday's dreadful 4-0 home defeat to Cambridge United which made relegation to League Two appear inevitable for Paul Simpson's team.

Last season The Watterwucks produced a number of songs inspired by Carlisle's League Two promotion push, including a reworking of 'Carlisle's Gannen Up' in aid of the city's foodbank, as well as a tribute to Carlisle-born midfield star Owen Moxon and another song to help promote a £10 ticket offer for last April's home game against Tranmere Rovers.

The new song may be less optimistic but it also promotes loyalty in tough times, saying that "gannen down the grun" is "what you do, when you're born and raised a Blue."

It also aims a jibe at Carlisle's fellow Cumbrian EFL club in south Cumbria, adding: "I'll tell you one thing, marra / At least I'm not from Barrow / But it could still be worse / I could support Man U..."

Watterwucks lead singer Johno Cavaghan explained the thinking behind the new tune to the News & Star.

"Aye man, it’s been a bit ladgeful lately but nee one should forget what Simmo's done for us. The chor's still a pure legend, eh," he said.

"I just felt a bit down after a few games compared to last season so I just thought it’d be tidy if I writ a song to remember it’s not all about the good times. Bit like that Monty Python cowie when Jesus and his mates are singing about deeksing on the bright side eh. 

"It’s like gan on the ratch at the end of the night, isn’t it - tek the rough with the smooth. I’ve been gan down the grun since I was a bairden and am not gonna stop gan now cause it’s what ya dee, eh. Me and mates still gan fer a few peeves, the crack’s still good, like eh."

The full song can be heard below, and via Soundcloud HERE