A THIEF who was the getaway driver as an accomplice stole Rolex watches worth more than £50,000 from a Kendal jewellers will be sentenced next month. 

During a video link to Carlisle Crown Court, Bagasan Graham, 31, pleaded guilty to stealing the four watches, which were taken from the Banks Lyon Jewellers in Kendal on June 14, 2022.

The value of the stolen watches, the court heard, was £51,600.

Prosecutors say the defendant's role during the targeted raid on the store was to act as the getaway driver for his fellow thief.

Judge Nicholas Barker told the defendant that he will receive credit for his guilty plea.

The defendant’s barrister told the court that there is a suggestion that one of the four watches was overvalued but Judge Barker said this would not make a major difference to the sentence.

He noted that Graham had committed similar crimes on numerous occasions in the past and this was an aggravating feature.

The defendant, who has no fixed address but said he hails from London, will be sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court on March 14.