A Cumbrian caregiver has spoken about the incredibly important work that Hospice at Home does to mark National Caregivers Day. 

National Caregivers Day is celebrated on Friday, February 16 and honours the healthcare professionals across the country providing long-term and hospice care.

Diane Hollyer has worked for Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland for 10 years now. 

You might recognise her as the face on the back of the sunflower bus that can be seen around Carlisle. 

She spoke to the News & Star about the importance of hospice care and the work that she and other carers provide year round. 

Diane said: "I've been working for Hospice at Home for 10 years. I wanted to become a carer because I feel that people have a right to choose where they want to die. That's very important to me.

"At Hospice at Home, we're not time led, we are patient led. That's a big thing about Hospice at Home, it's the whole family coming in to our arms and we support all of them.

"It's a real privilege for them to let us into their home at this difficult time and to trust us that we will take care of them. It's sometimes very hard, but it's a lovely job. You become friends and you wouldn't be human if you didn't get emotional, but you don't break down in front of them. It's just knowing that we can carry out their wishes that keeps you strong.

"Families sometimes ask us to come to funerals because it's important to them, and it's important to us to say goodbye to those we have become close to. I've met some fantastic people. Their life stories are just so wonderful.

"Sometimes, when you're leaving, they will just grab your hand and squeeze it, and you just know that they're so grateful.

"I find it difficult when it's younger people but we've got amazing support in the office. We look after each other in difficult times.

"When they say thank you, it means everything. You have got to be a hugger in this job."