IN this edition of nostalgia, we are looking back at one of the most popular clubs in Carlisle's history, The Cosmo.

In the sixities, the club was popular amongst residents and bands who were making the journey up north, in the days before the M6.

The building was originally the Argyll Cinema in the mid-fifties before it was changed into the dance hall in the late sixties. In its day, it was coined as one of the most popular and busiest nightclub.

It was not uncommon to go to Cosmo on a Saturday and listen to a band you have just heard on Top of the Pops.

In later years, the building became furniture business, a bingo hall and a roller-skating hot spot, with the pub section of Cosmo remaining.

However, after sitting vacant for years, the fittings from Cosmo were ripped out and one last hoorah was held in 2003.

Many artists performed as the ballroom over the years including Mud, Deep Purple, The Who, Sweet, Pink Floyd, The Easybeats, Jimmy Cliff, Family, The Merseys, The Troggs, The Yardbirds, Dave D and Co and the Elgins, Black Sabbath and John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers.

Pink Floyd perfromed on July 23 1967. Just days after performing across Scotland. The Who performed three times on January 9 1966, August 3 1969 and September 7 1969. Carlisle was just a normal stop for the band on their tours, making the stop at Cosmo after being a huge venues in Manchester, Glasgow, Sunderland and Bath etc.