A housing needs study has been initiated by Cumberland Council to look at the areas requirements for the next 15 years.

The General Needs Housing Study (2024-2039) will examine the size, type, and tenure of necessary housing for the local population.

It's a key element in the curation of Cumberland Council's housing strategy and the formation of the future Cumberland Local Plan.

The primary goal of the analysis is to pin-point areas of housing growth within the next 15 years in both parish and ward levels.

Additional factors such as future employment growth, demographic alterations, and needs of the ageing population will be integrated into the assessment.

It will also view the housing requirements of distinct groups within the community, to include vulnerable individuals, key workers, and those in need of affordable housing.

Councillor Emma Williamson, executive member for children's, family wellbeing and housing, said: "We are pleased to collaborate with Arc4 on this important initiative.

"The housing needs study will play a vital role in shaping the future development of our community, ensuring that housing provision meets the diverse needs of our residents.

“Examining housing needs in Cumberland is essential for creating inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities where everyone has access to suitable housing and the opportunity to thrive.”

Arc4, carrying out the study, will collaborate with major stakeholders, including local community hubs, housing providers, developers, and estate agents, to gather knowledge on housing needs and market dynamics.

The study began in January and is due to conclude by November.