A CARLISLE fish and chip shop owner has put his takeaway up for sale after 12 years in charge. 

Rakesh 'Ricky' Jagota has owned Bobby's on Blackwell Road for just over a decade. But he has now decided to put the local takeaway up for sale, citing rising VAT costs as the main factors behind this decision.

He said: "I have been the owner for around 11 or 12 years now.

"Things are a bit tough at the minute and the VAT is killing it more than anything else.

"You make it or not make it but you have to pay the VAT and I am really sick of it. 

Ricky also explained how any interested parties can contact him about taking over the takeaway on a new lease - which 'includes fixtures, fittings, and stock worth £85,000' - for a weekly rent price of £350, which would be reviewed every five years, or purchase the freehold for £295,000.

This would include all the shop's fixtures, fittings, and stock as well as a two-bedroom flat.

He said: "It would be better for somebody to take over the lease but the freehold is also available as I am the landlord as well, so both options are available.