Tree maintenance work on Warwick Road, Carlisle, began on Sunday.

The operations, scheduled for the following four Sundays from 7.30am, are being conducted in response to tree surveys which identified necessary work including crown reductions, cleans, pollarding and the removal of seven trees.

The removal of trees is said to be a last resort, in keeping with the council's policy which dictates that only dying, dead, diseased or dangerous trees are to be removed.

The council also reassures residents that other trees in the area will not undergo maintenance.

Working from the East end of Warwick Road towards Carlisle city centre, the Highways Team will employ a stop and go traffic management system to maintain light traffic control, providing a safe working environment with minimal disruptions.

The council’s contractor will be issuing detailed explanatory letters to residents in areas directly affected by the tree removal.

These residents may need to find alternative parking during the maintenance routine, to which the council is greatly appreciative.

For updates and inquiries, residents are encouraged to reach out to the Cumberland Council’s Highways Hotline on 0300 373 3736 or visit the official Cumberland Council website.