FOR 126 days, Carlisle residents have been calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Despite the conflict continuing to engulf the Middle East since the events on October 7, supporters of the Palestine Solidarity Group Carlisle & District have been rallying for weeks on end in the Carlisle city centre.

Marking the 17th weekly vigil on Saturday (February 10) for the group, around 40 supporters turned out to Carlisle's Greenmarket area. 

Group chair, Fiona Goldie commended the group's continuous commitment to peace. 

 “It’s a lot to ask people to come out every week, but 30 – 100 of us are doing so every week, and it is heart-warming to know that so many people care," she said. 

Before taking a brief pause in respect of Holocaust Memorial Day, the group protested the city's Barclays branch calling for the firm to end its alleged connections with Israel, alongside national protests up and down the country. 

The main focus of this week’s event was the promotion of the group’s upcoming film screening.  

The documentary ‘Gaza Fights for Freedom’ will be shown at the Church of Scotland this Friday, February 15 from 6.30 pm. 

News and Star: Pro-Palestine group spread their message in Carlisle's Greenmarket. Pro-Palestine group spread their message in Carlisle's Greenmarket. (Image: Fiona Goldie)

The documentary looks to shed light on the Great March of Return in 2018 and the military response against peaceful protestors.

At the time, the Carlisle-based group held a rally in the city centre when the names of the deceased peaceful protesters were read out.  

Fiona said that this hasn't been possible this time during the current fighting as "the death toll has been so enormous from the beginning". 

The group hopes that the film screening will offer people insights into the ongoing conflict and also the history behind it.

While the screening on Friday is free, voluntary contributions are encouraged to support the British charity, Medical Aid to Palestinians (MAP). 

In a similar vein, a fundraising gig will also take place at the Brickyard on April 5.