A Brampton secondary school has celebrated a successful run of its 2024 production. 

William Howard School's latest production saw students bring to life the classic Little Shop of Horrors for a three-day run between Wednesday, February 7, and Friday, February 9. 

This production combined weeks of rigorous rehearsal and technical planning with a selection of the students commenting on their enjoyment of being part of the school's latest show.

News and Star: Nicole Todhunter, who played Audrey in the school's production as well as choreographing some of the dancing, spoke about how she wanted to portray her character to the audience.

She said: "I really wanted to get across how naïve and lovely the character of Audrey is and to create sympathy for her. When you hear a reaction from the audience, you know you’ve got it right."

Dylan Rhodes who was the manifestation of the blood-thirsty plant 'Audrey II', also detailed how this was his favourite school production that he had been involved in.

News and Star: He said: "This has probably been my favourite production so far. It will be my and Zach’s last one with the school, so it was really special to do one of Miss Inglesfield’s favourite musicals with her.

“Everyone involved is very supportive of each other. In a normal school day, people have different interests, but the production brings people together with the same shared passion.

"From the making of the props through to rehearsals, it’s been like a family. There was a great atmosphere backstage."

News and Star: The school's latest production also gave some of William Howard's budding performing arts stars a chance to shine with Year 9 student Elias Hershon, who played selfish shop owner, Mr Mushnik, stepping into a speaking role for the first time.

 He said: "All the actors brought the characters to life in an exciting way. I think the production was the best we’ve done; I’ll be sorry when it’s over."