Tom Piatak has addressed speculation linking the Carlisle United owners with interest in the city’s airport.

The American businessman has confirmed he and his family are not currently engaged in talks over its future.

Piatak did not rule out future interest in the site but stressed that, right now, rumours that they could be keen to buy the airport are wide of the mark.

It was revealed last month that the airport’s owners, Esken Group, were involved in talks over its sale which they hoped to complete by the end of this month.

Speculation followed that the Piataks, whose main business in the USA is in transport logistics, could be interested, following last November’s takeover of the Blues.

Tom Piatak, asked by the News & Star to respond to the rumours, said that he had been “approached” about the airport but they had too much on their plate with United and their businesses back home to pursue the matter right now.

“We've heard those rumours as well,” he said.

“I will say we've driven up there, we've looked at the airport, we've been on the site – but we are not involved in anything that's moving forward with the airport.

“I would love to see the airport back into operation. I think it’s a quality product. I think it's a great asset there. I would love to see an operator come in and get that up and running.

“We have been approached, [my wife] Patty and I, and have said, ‘We see it, we see the infrastructure’.

“But we have enough going on right now.”

The Piataks are currently involved in talks over a new training ground for United.

But the airport site is also not connected to such plans.

“To close any rumours – we're not looking at the airport for a training facility, and we're not looking to operate that airport,” added Piatak.

“We hope that airport can get open and be operational.

“If nothing was to happen down the road further, as things here get stabilised and moving forward, I do see an opportunity there.

“But it's just not something that we're engaged with.”

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