WHAT does it take to earn a coveted Michelin star? We found out from the man at the helm of Cumbria’s newest Michelin star restaurant located at Farlam Hall in Brampton...

Hrishikesh Desai’s Cedar Tree restaurant at Farlam Hall was awarded a coveted Michelin star for the first time at a ceremony hosted at Manchester’s Midland Hotel on Monday, February 5.

Sixteen Michelin stars have been awarded to Cumbrian restaurants for 2024, with the county having the greatest number of Michelin-starred restaurants outside of London.

Speaking to the Cumberland News about how the team have achieved such an accolade, Hrishikesh said: “To get a Michelin star there are five main principles that Michelin look out for: one is the quality of ingredients and the seasonality that is used when producing the food; they will also look out for the personality of the chef that shines through when the guests arrive and eat the food; they will always check the consistency of the food throughout several different visits; they will think about the value for money and it’s all about things are delivered.

“I think from a chef’s point of view it’s the training, and then it’s also the kitchen team, who are working towards the same goal.

“It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s all about continuously working and improving standards, and evolving... all these things come together to achieve a Michelin star.”

The chef, who previously held a Michelin star at his former restaurant, HRiSHi, has now been at Farlam Hall for one year, with the menus only being changed in April 2023.

Hrishikesh went on: “To achieve this accolade within ten months of changing the menus and making the right changes, we are absolutely elated. We feel so happy that all the hard work we have put in has finally come to fruition.

“As far as the future is concerned it will put Farlam Hall on the map. Cumbria is already blessed with so many Michelin stars so it will help in making Cumbria even better.”

Owners of Farlam Hall, Joe Walter and Kathy Mares, said: “We wanted the Cedar Tree by Hrishikesh Desai to be one of the top restaurants in the UK.

“We are thrilled that Hrishikesh Desai and his amazing team were awarded a Michelin star recognising their innovative cooking style, use of local ingredients, including produce from our kitchen garden, and outstanding customer service.”