The Keswick Society of Art (KSA) saw a substantial turnout last Friday for a talk and demonstration by local artist, Alex Jakob-Whitworth.

The presentation, entitled 'Make you landscapes ‘Zing’', aimed to provide insights on how artists can bring life to their landscape paintings.

Jakob-Whitworth, an alumnus of Leeds University with a B.A. Hons in Fine Art and an M.A. in Art and Psychotherapy from Sheffield University, has been a practicing contemporary multi-disciplinary artist for the past 25 years.

Her work can be found in numerous collections and has been exhibited at the Society of Equestrian Artists and the Pastel Society in London.

In her talk, Ms Jakob-Whitworth urged those present to settle on a "personal palette", encouraging artists to use the colours that work for them.

She discussed the four areas of pictorial colour: temperature – warm or cool, hue, intensity and value – light or dark.

She also spoke about the application of colour wheels and the 'split primary' colour wheel which divides up warm and cool colours.

In an illustrative demonstration, Ms Jakob-Whitworth painted a landscape inspired by a photograph of St John’s-in-the-Vale using only three primary colours: red, blue and yellow.

The absence of chairman Ted McArdle, who recently fell ill and had to temporarily withdraw from his role, was felt among the members, who sent their good wishes.

Vice-Chairman Fran Flower conducted the meeting instead.

Mr McArdle has served as the chairman of KSA for a decade, having initiated regular Zoom meetings during the Covid-19 pandemic to keep members connected.

Members look forward to him being able to 'take up the reins again' in the near future.

The next scheduled meeting will take place on March 1 at St. Herbert’s Centre, High Hill, Keswick at 1.30pm.