A BLUES band made up of Scottish and Cumbrian artists has been nominated for two prestigious awards. 

Redfish Blues Band has made the shortlist for both Blues Band of The Year and Blues Album of The Year at the upcoming 2024 UK Blues Awards. 

The 2024 awards ceremony will be held in Milton Keynes on April 25. 

In a remarkably short period, the Redfish Blues Band has ascended within the world of blues music.

However, the recent success has not shielded the band from unfortunate events. 

Lead vocalist and guitarist Christian Sharpe has found himself the victim of a theft.

Sharpe lost valuable items, including a vintage Shure 50's microphone, guitar microphones, cables, tools, a DI box, strings, in-ear monitors, a wireless guitar system, and effects pedals, among others - amounting to a loss of almost £1,500 in value. 

A fundraiser is currently set up with hopes of helping to recover the stolen items.

To reciprocate the favour of those helping, Sharpe is offering to give guitar lessons, copies of the band's albums, or entry to the band's shows. 

"If in the event that the equipment is ever recovered, I would happily donate the equipment to another struggling musician or auction it off to raise money to give out to local charities, helping others with their causes," he said. 

Those looking to contribute to the fundraiser can visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/donations-needed-to-replace-stolen-musical-equipme