Carlisle drummer Peter Crampsey and his band, Gathering of Strangers, are building an unexpected fan base among Super Bowl team, the San Francisco 49ers.

Peter was born in Carlisle, and works full time in the city while performing with the band on the side.

Although based in the UK, the band's song, 'RED & GOLD', has become a favourite at the Levi's Stadium in California.

The song is played regularly during home games at the nearly 70,000-capacity venue after being adopted as the pre-game anthem.

Best known for their blend of alternative rock and indie pop, Gathering of Strangers find their music reaching far beyond their native audience.

After sending the track to the San Francisco 49ers, who play wearing red and gold, they unexpectedly received a response from the team to say that they loved it.

The band has been 'generating a buzz' on the music scene with their 'energetic live performances and infectious sound'.

As the Super Bowl approaches, fans are awaiting the chance to see the 49ers take to the field accompanied by the anthem they've been singing all season.

The band says that 'RED & GOLD', with its 'anthemic nature', could create an 'electrifying atmosphere' for the game.

The band hope to be propelled 'to new heights' with thanks to their rising popularity and Super Bowl exposure.

Gathering of Strangers are hoping to 'gain recognition as a rising force in the music industry'.