An art showcasing event is coming to the market in Carlisle, presenting the work of several local artists.

Phantom Market, which started in Kendal, is headed by Cumbrian artist Jess Autumn.

It will present the work of various artists who will be given the chance to sell their wares to market visitors on February 9 and 10.

“We ran one back in December and it was quite successful, everyone made money,” Ms Autumn said.

She added: “There’s a whole group of us, including Julie Britton who does paint pouring, a group of university students, and there’s me, I do illustration and print making.

News and Star: Julie Britton of JB Productions, at a previous eventJulie Britton of JB Productions, at a previous event (Image: Phantom Market)

“I moved to Carlisle and met these amazing artists, and I had no idea that there was such a rich collection of artists here.

“It’s been amazing to meet everyone and I’ve recently started working with Prism Arts.

“We wanted to bring many more artists into what is now a mostly empty market hall space.”

News and Star: Oscar from Retrosymmetry at a previous eventOscar from Retrosymmetry at a previous event (Image: Phantom Market)

She said the idea was to make it open to artists of all backgrounds and disciplines: “It’s not gatekept, it’s a Carlisle collective of artists.

“We just wanted to create this space where artists can come and sell their art and showcase it to the public.

News and Star: Dani Munz of Pink Spider ArtDani Munz of Pink Spider Art (Image: Phantom Market)

“It’s going to be affordable original artwork from people right in Carlisle.

“People think of art as being unaffordable and inaccessible, but we’re trying to put more creativity into people’s lives.”

Local artist Loki will also feature in the event, as well as people from the art collective Start.

On offer will be comic books, zines, gift cards, stickers, illustrated goods, and mystery bags.