A PRIMARY school in Carlisle has taken strides towards improving safety with a one-of-a-kind initiative.

Cumwhinton School,  situated in the heart of Cumwhinton, has introduced two new 'parking police officers' to ensure adherence to parking regulations, particularly focusing on the yellow zigzag lines outside the school.

As part of the initiative, the school introduced a competition for their pupils. The competition provided an opportunity for the children to suggest names for the new parking police, helping to make the children feel responsible and take ownership of their surroundings. 

After a spirited competition among the pupils, the names of the parking police officers were selected.

The first officer was aptly named Edith, in honor of Edith Smith, the pioneering first female police officer in the United Kingdom, not only paying homage to a trailblazing figure in law enforcement but also underscoring the school's commitment to teaching children about women who have impacted the world we live in.

A slight quip has named the second parking officer PC Hans Cuff, a clever pun raising a smile while being relevant to their role.

With Edith and PC Hans Cuff now actively patrolling the vicinity outside Cumwhinton School, the message is clear: parking regulations are to be taken seriously, but community engagement and creativity are equally valued. 

Headteacher Jon Stewart, expressing delight at the outcome of the competition, said: "This initiative showcases the ingenuity and spirit of our pupils, while also reinforcing the importance of following rules and regulations.

"We are proud to have 'Edith' and 'PC Hans Cuff' as integral members of our school community, and we look forward to their positive impact in ensuring a safe environment for all."

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